Bizarre conspiracy claims involving Paranormal NZ

A bizarre and amusing webpage came to our attention recently. It involves an alleged cover-up by Paranormal NZ, aka Haunted Auckland, in a case named the “Johanna Laing Conspiracy Theory”. The webpage gives information on the alleged sighting of a ghost in Laingholm, Auckland, purported to be the spirit of Johanna Laing, the daughter Edward Laing… Continue reading Bizarre conspiracy claims involving Paranormal NZ

Milton Wool Mill – Milton, Otago

Milton is a town of 2,000 people, located on State Highway 1, 50 kilometres to the south of Dunedin in Otago, New Zealand. It lies on the floodplain of the Tokomairiro River, one branch of which loops past the north and south ends of the town. This river gives its name to many local features,… Continue reading Milton Wool Mill – Milton, Otago

Bluestone Room

History In 1861, whilst the rest of New Zealand was being settled; a nondescript block building goes up in the thriving commercial centre of the far-flung British colony of Auckland. One hundred and fifty years later, the Bluestone Store resolutely remains anchored in Durham Lane, surrounded by high-rise apartments and offices. It is now one… Continue reading Bluestone Room

The Stone Store, Kerikeri

Located next door to Kemp House, the Stone Store is NZ’s oldest stone building. It was designed by Wesleyan missionary John Hobbs, and built by Australian convict William Parrott. The Stone Store was constructed to hold mission supplies and wheat from the mission farm at Te Waimate, but the building was mainly leased as a… Continue reading The Stone Store, Kerikeri

Highwic House – Epsom, Auckland

Situated at 40 Gillies Ave, Epsom. Highwic is a historic house in Epsom, New Zealand that is registered by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust as a Category I structure and is also one of AA Travel’s “101 Must-Do’s for Kiwis”. The site has been made available for wedding, photography, filming or catering services. Highwic is… Continue reading Highwic House – Epsom, Auckland

Larnach Castle, Dunedin

  Larnach Castle (also referred to as “Larnach’s Castle”), is an imposing mansion on the ridge of the Otago Peninsula within the limits of the city of Dunedin, close to the small settlement of Pukehiki. It is one of a few houses of this scale in New Zealand. The house and its grounds are regularly… Continue reading Larnach Castle, Dunedin

The Moa

Moa were large, flightless birds that lived in New Zealand until about 500 years ago. There were 10 species of these extinct birds. They belong to the ratite group of birds, in the order Dinornithiformes, which also includes ostriches, emus and kiwi. Moa were hunted to extinction by Māori, who found them easy targets. Their… Continue reading The Moa

Torpedo Bay Navy Museum – Devonport, Auckland

Housed in a 19th Century submarine mining station looking over the Waitemata Harbour, the Torpedo Bay Navy Museum showcases the rich history of the Royal New Zealand Navy.

Distortions of time

When views have existed for many years, it can be extremely arduous changing them. New Zealand is a classic example, it was always thought that we were free from snakes, crocodiles and even apart from three species of bats, mammals as a whole. A way different picture is certainly now being painted of New Zealand… Continue reading Distortions of time

Paddy Freaney, Moa Man, is dead

Paddy Freaney, who claimed to have spotted the massive, but long-extinct, Moa in the Craigieburn Range, has died. A publican in the high country he loved and climbed, Freaney’s claim that he and two hiking buddies spotted a 6-foot Moa – evidence he tried to support with a photograph – sparked a cryptozoological mystery that… Continue reading Paddy Freaney, Moa Man, is dead

One-third of Kiwis believe in alien visits []

A third of New Zealanders believe aliens have visited Earth and a majority think psychic powers exist, a study has found. One thousand respondents were asked by UMR Research if they believed “that Earth has been visited by UFOs from other planets”.About 33 per cent said they did, and Maori (42 per cent) and Pasifika… Continue reading One-third of Kiwis believe in alien visits []

UFO sightings in New Zealand linked to a ‘temporal doorway’ [ Dave Masko]

“Cooo me, we have more UFO sightings than anywhere on the planet, and don’t forget our ‘temporal doorway’ that allows these aliens to come and go,” explained a New Zealand local in hyping “UFO tourism” down under in a country best known for its strange greenish kiwifruit, Lord of the Rings films and homeland for… Continue reading UFO sightings in New Zealand linked to a ‘temporal doorway’ [ Dave Masko]

UFOs Buzz New Zealand After X-Files Release [AOL NEWS.COM]

Could New Zealand become a new hot spot for close encounters? Just days after New Zealand authorities released 2,000 pages of previously classified UFO X-Files, mysterious lights were spotted over three locations.New Zealand’s news service reports that on Sunday, Boxing Day in that country, unexplained orange and red lights appeared above Napier, Taranaki and… Continue reading UFOs Buzz New Zealand After X-Files Release [AOL NEWS.COM]

‘Kiwi’ found in outer space

An astrophotographer has discovered a Kiwi in outer space from New Zealand’s internationally renowned Mt John Observatory. It may be 26,000 light years away, but a high powered astro-photograph has picked up the distinct image of New Zealand’s national icon in the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy. The image of the flightless bird was… Continue reading ‘Kiwi’ found in outer space

Kiwi ‘comedian’ causes international Bigfoot offence

NZ’er and self proclaimed ‘comedian’ Leigh Hart has gotten himself in very hot water by writing his recent article entitled ‘Let’s Hear It for the Maori Sasquatch‘. The article was spread like wildfire via the internet causing many worldwide to cringe and spit venom. Now Leigh is frantically back-pedalling to clear his name and to… Continue reading Kiwi ‘comedian’ causes international Bigfoot offence

Lights in the NZ sky haunt TV producer for three decades

Thirty years ago today, strange lights were filmed in the night skies over the Kaikoura coast. Theories ranged from squid boat lights to sightings of Mercury and Venus. Former television producer Leonard Lee recalls his involvement in the Kaikoura UFO mystery. On the morning of December 31, 1978, I received an early-morning call from Neil… Continue reading Lights in the NZ sky haunt TV producer for three decades

Otago: Eerie episodes haunt Kiwi castle

New Zealand’s only castle, Larnach Castle is a fortress of Scottish baronial and Gothic revival-style architecture. Photo / Dean Purcell by Sarah Lang When the crew of TV2 series Ghost Hunt filmed at Larnach Castle in 2005, the ghostbusters captured what looked like a spectre on camera. And when fellow Kiwi show Spookers holed up… Continue reading Otago: Eerie episodes haunt Kiwi castle