Lisa Ward: There are many theories as to what ghosts are, or might be. Which one makes the most sense to you at this stage?

One thing I do believe is that paranormal phenomena exists, whatever that is. I don’t believe it’s just the overactive imagination of backward thinking or ghost obsessed people. Sure some paranormal-type experiences can sometimes be explained by the power of the mind and some can be attributed to normal physical events e.g. doors slamming in… Continue reading Lisa Ward: There are many theories as to what ghosts are, or might be. Which one makes the most sense to you at this stage?

Private Residence – St Marys Bay, Auckland

The team was asked to visit this charming old inner Auckland city home which had been converted into two flats and is apparently displaying on-going potentially paranormal occurrences, experienced by those that live there. The house was just a stones throw from the popular Three Lamps precinct and very close to the buzz of the ever-humming Ponsonby Road. … Continue reading Private Residence – St Marys Bay, Auckland

Basic Types of Hauntings

Have you ever seen a ghost? Have you ever heard someone call your name when you know no one is there? Ever seen the shadowy figure of someone out of the corner of your eye, then turn and see nothing? Or, have you ever seen someone that looks exactly like yourself, only to watch them… Continue reading Basic Types of Hauntings

Undisclosed Innercity Brothel

Auckland City’s rich, lively and ever changing sex industry has seen many characters and guises through the decades. Parlours would open with great frequency, but never seemed to survive long, but for only a small handful of ‘stayers’ that thrived through the years. The Pink Pussycat Club (run by the ‘King of K Rd’ or… Continue reading Undisclosed Innercity Brothel

Laishley House, Onehunga

Former residents warned their grandchildren of  frightening goings-on in the upper storey of this historic home. Is there something lurking upstairs at Laishley House?

Playhouse Theatre, Glen Eden

The team was invited to visit this wonderful old theatre in west Auckland’s Glen Eden. We had heard stories of ‘Ernie‘, the resident ghost, who some say, has been residing there since World War 2. Ernie is often blamed for any theatre mishaps within the theatre and comfortably known by most that have worked there through… Continue reading Playhouse Theatre, Glen Eden

Kingseat Nurses Hostel / Spookers

The Haunted Auckland team investigates the Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital, reputedly one of New Zealand’s most haunted locations. In this, our first of three investigations, we explore the former Nurses’ Hostel, now occupied by the Spookers Haunted Attraction.

Russell Hotel, Sydney

The Rocks is one of Sydney’s most historic areas, a favourite of tourists and locals alike. As the oldest area of Sydney, The Rocks features a wonderful mix of past and present. The Russell was one of the first hotels in The Rocks and maintains our emphasis on old world charm and personable service to… Continue reading Russell Hotel, Sydney

Private Residence, Herne Bay

Haunted Auckland were asked to help a family who were having problems at their home in Herne Bay. The family had moved into the house earlier in the year and had initially not noticed anything unusual. However within a few months odd things started happening. Strange unexplained noises were heard.

Return to Private Residence, New Lynn

The Haunted Auckland team returned to the New Lynn house for a full overnight investigation, following an intriguing initial investigation which seemed to indicate that the home may quite possibly be actively haunted.