Brunner Mine Site – West Coast, South Island

Location Brunner Mine was a coalmine on the banks of the Grey River in an area known as Coal Gorge which is between the towns of Taylorsville and Stillwater and is an 11 km drive from Greymouth. Coal was discovered on the West Coast by Nelson surveyor Thomas Brunner while searching for land suitable for agriculture.… Continue reading Brunner Mine Site – West Coast, South Island

Otira Tunnel Ghost

The railway station at Cass painted by Rita Angus in 1936

I heard an intriguing story while doing the Transalpine Rail trip between Christchurch and Greymouth recently. The onboard commentary tells of a ghost who is sometimes seen on the Old Coach Road. Apparently the male ghost walks with his swag along the road beside the tracks. It is considered that the man was a Scotsman… Continue reading Otira Tunnel Ghost

New NZ Teams Wanted

Hi all, we get private visit requests on an almost daily basis, from people all over the country, that claim to be experiencing unusual, possibly paranormal events in their homes that frighten them, causing unrest within the family. If the location is local, we can usually send some team members out to look into it… Continue reading New NZ Teams Wanted

The New Zealand ‘UFO’ Wave of 1909 – By Tony Brunt

The New Zealand ‘UFO’ Wave of 1909 By Tony Brunt 1967 – Former convener of the Auckland University UFO Research Group (no longer in existence.) For a little over a month in the winter of 1909 hundreds of New Zealanders reported seeing “airships” of varying shapes and sizes moving about in the sky. Sighting reports… Continue reading The New Zealand ‘UFO’ Wave of 1909 – By Tony Brunt

West Coast gets UFO fever

Reported in NZHerald – 8th August 2013. UFOs are the talk of the West Coast after reports of one man’s ‘close encounter’ at Rutherglen on Tuesday night. Although no other witnesses have come forward about the sighting; in which Matthew Robert Haisty claims to have come across a UFO parked on the road right outside… Continue reading West Coast gets UFO fever

UFO sighting leaves West Coast man ‘bug eyed’

Reported in NZHerald – 7 August 2013 A West Coast man is ‘freaked out’ after coming face to face last night with what he claims was a UFO, parked on the road outside the entrance to Shantytown. Matthew Robert, a mechanic from Rutherglen, insists he is not alone and that three other cars were also… Continue reading UFO sighting leaves West Coast man ‘bug eyed’