Tell us what you really think – The Solway Firth Spaceman

Another Monday and another entry into “Tell us what you really think” So, this week…Tell us what you really think about… The Solway Firth Spaceman, real life inter-dimensional space visitor or simply a case of mistaken identity? On 23 May 1964, Jim Templeton, a firefighter from Carlisle, Cumberland (now part of Cumbria), took three photographs… Continue reading Tell us what you really think – The Solway Firth Spaceman

McCaw Homestead – Matamata

From the website: The former McCaw Homestead stands on the site of an earlier dwelling, which formed the centrepiece of the Matamata Estate. The estate was established by Josiah Clifton Firth (1826-1897) in 1865 when he leased large areas of land from its Ngati Haua owners, through his friendly relationship with one of their… Continue reading McCaw Homestead – Matamata

The PumpHouse Theatre

The PumpHouse Theatre is located in the picturesque Killarney Park which sits on the edge of the equally beautiful and intriguing, Lake Pupuke. The PumpHouse operates as a venue for hire for the performing arts. It hosts a wide range of theatre, from plays, musicals, dance, stand-up comedy and many other kinds of events. But… Continue reading The PumpHouse Theatre

The ghost with no name

When my daughter turned one, we moved into a deceased estate, complete with a wildly overgrown garden, multiple extensions and the smell of a year of emptiness. Despite that, the house felt warm and welcoming and we continued to smile and say that we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have such an amazing… Continue reading The ghost with no name

My first Experience – by Mark Wallbank

For those that havent yet read our first book attempt, Voices in the Walls, I thought I’d reproduce and share here my first experience entry. I was about age 10. Enjoy. The one time that really shook me up and got me more emotionally and physically focused, was during a visit to an old lady… Continue reading My first Experience – by Mark Wallbank

North Shore ”Hanging man”

Since moving to the north shore of Auckland around 15 years ago, I’ve picked up a few intriguing local stories of possible paranormality and high strangeness around the region. One was told to me back when we first moved here. I noted it, visited the area and took photos to try and document what I could… Continue reading North Shore ”Hanging man”

Haunted by Shadows

These intriguing NZ shadow experiences were sent in by one of our wonderful followers…. I’d like to document An experience, here’s one out of a few in my life,all experienced in the same house. I’m not a person who is easily scared and I’ll always looks for the logic in situations but there are just… Continue reading Haunted by Shadows

The Onehunga Blockhouse – Session 2 – Re-visit

FRIDAY 10TH JULY 2020 Haunted Auckland investigates the Onehunga Blockhouse to try to uncover what spirits may be residing in this nineteenth-century stronghold. The team last visited this historical local in May 2013. We felt it was time for a follow-up. The Onehunga Blockhouse is a significant example of nineteenth-century colonial military architecture dating from the… Continue reading The Onehunga Blockhouse – Session 2 – Re-visit

Haunted Mirror

I received a message from a concerned person that was in possession of a mirror; a mirror with something of a dark history that she needed to be rid of. An unassuming and quite cheaply made mirror that had come from The Warehouse, a New Zealand homewares dept store and had been used for many… Continue reading Haunted Mirror

Norwood Hall Hotel – Cult, Aberdeen

Tonight’s haunted bed is in the beautiful and quite huge Norwood Hall Hotel, in the quaintly named district of Cult, in Aberdeen. It was built in 1887 for the Ogston family. It stands on the former site of Pitfodels Castle which was owned by the Reid family and then passed to the Menzies family in… Continue reading Norwood Hall Hotel – Cult, Aberdeen

USS Iowa – San Pedro, Los Angeles

USS Iowa began military service on Feb 22 1943. She was used initially as an escort ship for ships transporting President Roosevelt, and other ships travelling in the Atlantic Ocean, but was also involved in the Marshall Islands campaign, Okiniwa landings and in assault targets in Hokkaido and Honshu during WWII. The ship was also… Continue reading USS Iowa – San Pedro, Los Angeles

Abandoned in Moteuka

Whilst travelling around the region, I came upon this little abode. The lovely lady neighbour who granted me permission to photograph the location told me she hadn’t seen the owner in years and that there was originally a house in front which had burnt down in an accidental fire tragedy many years ago. Last she… Continue reading Abandoned in Moteuka

The Golden Fleece – York, U.K

During my time in England (July 2018), I decided to book myself in for a night at one of York’s most haunted pubs, the Golden Fleece. The day was hot and bright outside and walking into the pub early in the morning was a complete contrast. The pub was cool and very dark inside. Low… Continue reading The Golden Fleece – York, U.K

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury’s oldest and most haunted pub – UK

On my way to visit Stonehenge in July 2018, I stopped off in the ancient City of Salisbury and took the opportunity to visit one of the oldest and most haunted pubs in the city. The Haunch of Venison is a very unique pub; the atmosphere is thick and heavy when you walk in.  You… Continue reading The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury’s oldest and most haunted pub – UK

Howick Historical Village: Solo Overnight Sessions – Lisa in Eckfords Farm Homestead.

On this night Mark, Barbara, Marlene, Sam and Lisa spent the night sleeping / investigating solo within the village. Each team member staying alone in one of the many buildings. Just themselves and whatever equipment or techniques they might choose to utilise that night for their investigation. Sam in the little Church House, Barbara in the Court… Continue reading Howick Historical Village: Solo Overnight Sessions – Lisa in Eckfords Farm Homestead.

Project Puhinui: Solo Session five – Puhinui Homestead, Howick Historical Village.

On March 29th of this year, it was Marlene’s turn to conduct a solo overnight stay at Puhinui Homestead, one of our favourite, and possibly one of the more ‘active’ of any of the locations we have thus far investigated in this country. On this night Mark, Barbara, Sam and Lisa also spent the night… Continue reading Project Puhinui: Solo Session five – Puhinui Homestead, Howick Historical Village.

Ghostly gushing mystifies Regent workers

By Chris Morris Sarah Anderson does not want to spook the audience. But she is struggling to explain recent mysterious incidents inside Dunedin’s Regent Theatre. The latest came early yesterday, when, in a dark and empty upstairs function room, a tap turned itself on. It began gushing water, flooding the room and then the box… Continue reading Ghostly gushing mystifies Regent workers

Old Takapuna Fire Station

The Takapuna Fire Station and administration buildings include the original 1952 single storied fire station of 134 sq m; the larger multi-level 1959 fire station with accompanying training tower encompassing 1530 sq m; a 1972 fire training building and a double garage in the north western corner of the site. The near-rectangular shaped property has… Continue reading Old Takapuna Fire Station

Boleskine House – Inverness, Scotland

Probably the most notable (or notorious) building along the south side of Loch Ness lies, half hidden behind the trees, approximately midway between Foyers and Inverfarigaig. This is Boleskine House. I spent two consecutive investigation visits within this abandoned burnt out shell. Two hours at dusk one night and three hours a little earlier the… Continue reading Boleskine House – Inverness, Scotland