Haunted Auckland – The Roots & Beginnings

Im often asked about the beginnings of Haunted Auckland and how we got together. The team’s roots go way back, creating some very deep and solid foundations. Around 1985, I teamed up with a couple of adventurous mates and, armed with a torch, camera and tape recorder, set out to document and hunt ghosts. In… Continue reading Haunted Auckland – The Roots & Beginnings

Gef The Talking Mongoose Grafitti Art by Bruce Mahalski – Dunedin

  Recently, whilst travelling down South I went on a bit of a mission to try and find a little known about, secretly hidden and covertly painted piece of graffiti art in Dunedin. It is a painting by prolific local artist Bruce Mahalski. The painting depicts a mysterious character that existed back in the 1930s,… Continue reading Gef The Talking Mongoose Grafitti Art by Bruce Mahalski – Dunedin

McCaw Homestead – Matamata

From the www.heritage.org.nz website: The former McCaw Homestead stands on the site of an earlier dwelling, which formed the centrepiece of the Matamata Estate. The estate was established by Josiah Clifton Firth (1826-1897) in 1865 when he leased large areas of land from its Ngati Haua owners, through his friendly relationship with one of their… Continue reading McCaw Homestead – Matamata

North Shore ”Hanging man”

Since moving to the north shore of Auckland around 15 years ago, I’ve picked up a few intriguing local stories of possible paranormality and high strangeness around the region. One was told to me back when we first moved here. I noted it, visited the area and took photos to try and document what I could… Continue reading North Shore ”Hanging man”

Haunted by Shadows

These intriguing NZ shadow experiences were sent in by one of our wonderful followers…. I’d like to document An experience, here’s one out of a few in my life,all experienced in the same house. I’m not a person who is easily scared and I’ll always looks for the logic in situations but there are just… Continue reading Haunted by Shadows

The House from Hell

The following true story was shared with us by Sean Muir on our NZ Paranormal Research group. Part One – An evil house OK, I don’t talk about this much. It’s kind of long and still sends a cold shiver up and down my spine whenever I think about it. It was in the early… Continue reading The House from Hell

R.I.P Lorraine Warren

In the paranormal field, Ed and Lorraine Warren were already world-renowned legends, but it was thanks to James Wan’s The Conjuring (and its subsequent franchise universe) that the duo rose to even higher levels of prominence. The entire universe is based on the case files of Ed and Lorraine, with Lorraine played by Vera Farmiga… Continue reading R.I.P Lorraine Warren

Bangour Village Psychiatric Hospital – Dechmont, West Lothian. Scotland

Bangour Village Hospital was a psychiatric hospital located west of Dechmont in West Lothian, Scotland. It was officially opened in October 1906 (under the name Edinburgh District Asylum), over two years after the first patients were admitted in June 1904. In 1918 Bangour General Hospital was created in the grounds, but the hospital began winding… Continue reading Bangour Village Psychiatric Hospital – Dechmont, West Lothian. Scotland

Cabin with a view

Whilst driving along the Kaipara Coast Highway, I Spotted this little cabin overlooking a pretty stunning farmland panorama, just as the sun was starting to set.

Gettysburg – USA

The battle of Gettysburg occurred over the first three days in July 1863. This was the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War when the Union (North) army and the Confederate (South) armies fought for the future of the United States and according to some historians the Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point in… Continue reading Gettysburg – USA

Millwood Mennonite Church Cemetery – Lancaster County, Pennsylvania U.S.A

The Millwood Mennonite Church Cemetery stands beside the Mennonite Church about 3kms out of Gap, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This is truly in the heart of Amish country and we were delighted to see the large Amish-style farmhouses each with large lines of washing hanging like buntings beside each house, people riding horse and carts… Continue reading Millwood Mennonite Church Cemetery – Lancaster County, Pennsylvania U.S.A

The Car Collector

These finds make me sad. I stumbled upon this burnt out farm house whilst stopping to knock on the door of another very empty and overgrown looking house in the front. It sits, shrouded in trees and foliage, invisible to the main road. It looks like the previous owner was an avid model car collector. Unfortunately, his collection now sits… Continue reading The Car Collector

St John’s Orphanage – South Auckland

The Papatoetoe Orphan Home; opened on 1 April 1909, was a hospital for intellectually handicapped children. The home designed by the architect George Selwyn Goldsbro, was also known as St Mary’s Home and the Church of England Orphan Home, until being renamed as St John’s Home, or St John’s Orphanage. The Home accommodated 64 children.… Continue reading St John’s Orphanage – South Auckland

Back to Nature – Bombay Hills

Almost drove past this old thing. I spotted a glint of reflecting light off a window; pretty much the only thing visible from the road. This derelict old farm house has been completely engulfed by the surrounding folliage. Still, had to stop and say Hello…..Im guessing it doesn’t get many visitors these days.

Howick Historical Village: Solo Overnight Sessions – Lisa in Eckfords Farm Homestead.

On this night Mark, Barbara, Marlene, Sam and Lisa spent the night sleeping / investigating solo within the village. Each team member staying alone in one of the many buildings. Just themselves and whatever equipment or techniques they might choose to utilise that night for their investigation. Sam in the little Church House, Barbara in the Court… Continue reading Howick Historical Village: Solo Overnight Sessions – Lisa in Eckfords Farm Homestead.

Otuataua Stonefields: 2nd research visit – Mangere, Auckland

The Ōtuataua Stonefields show how the early Maori adapted to their new environment. New Zealand’s shorter growing seasons and colder mean temperatures ruled out many Polynesian staples. The settlers salvaged only a few crops – kumara, taro, yams and gourds, all plants with short growing seasons and small or tough leaves. In the inland Bay… Continue reading Otuataua Stonefields: 2nd research visit – Mangere, Auckland

Lake Alice Hospital – Manawatu

Lake Alice Hospital was once a rural psychiatric facility situated in the Manawatu region, catering to the full mental health spectrum, from troubled youth and the criminally insane to the elderly with dementia. The sprawling complex, opened in August 1950, spread out across 56 hectares of land consisting of ten two-level villas, each with eleven… Continue reading Lake Alice Hospital – Manawatu