Haunted Mirror

I received a message from a concerned person that was in possession of a mirror; a mirror with something of a dark history that she needed to be rid of. An unassuming and quite cheaply made mirror that had come from The Warehouse, a New Zealand homewares dept store and had been used for many… Continue reading Haunted Mirror

Haunted home? 5 rules for choosing the right paranormal team for the job.

Being part of a Paranormal research Investigating team myself for many years now, this has allowed me to not only deal with people from all walks of life, but it has also allowed me to gain an understanding of how and what they THINK we do and how it all really works. Many of my… Continue reading Haunted home? 5 rules for choosing the right paranormal team for the job.

What if time isn’t linear?

Note This is just some of my own thoughts and doesn’t represent the opinions of Haunted Auckland. I’m not a physicist or a mathematician, so someone who is may tell me I’m talking a load of rubbish. However, the concept of time not being linear interests me and I think worth sharing with others to… Continue reading What if time isn’t linear?

Boleskine House – Inverness, Scotland

Probably the most notable (or notorious) building along the south side of Loch Ness lies, half hidden behind the trees, approximately midway between Foyers and Inverfarigaig. This is Boleskine House. I spent two consecutive investigation visits within this abandoned burnt out shell. Two hours at dusk one night and three hours a little earlier the… Continue reading Boleskine House – Inverness, Scotland

The Nature and Existence of Ghosts

Macbeth seeing the ghost of Banquo - by Théodore Chassériau

“What are ghosts?” – This is a question which is often pondered by paranormal investigators. A recent Reddit post started me thinking on my theories on the nature and existence of ghosts and I decided I would take the opportunity to expand on my thoughts here.

Can Electromagnetic Fields Create Ghosts?

  Q: I recently read your book Scientific Paranormal Investigation: How to Solve Unexplained Mysteries about the mistakes that ghost hunters make using EMF detectors during investigations and how they are not productive. However, I always understood that EMF meters/readers were used to measure EMF levels because high levels of EMF could cause hallucinations that… Continue reading Can Electromagnetic Fields Create Ghosts?

Spirits Bay (Piwhane)

e Karaka Bay (left) and the long coastline of Spirits Bay (right), viewed from its eastern end. Credit: williamsphotography.co.nz

The aptly named Spirits Bay, or Piwhane, is located at the most northern tip of New Zealand’s North Island. The isolated bay is 12 kilometers long and was named one of the top campers’ spots in New Zealand. Cultural Significance From Wikipedia: The bay is considered a sacred place in Māori culture as according to… Continue reading Spirits Bay (Piwhane)

I’ve Been Thinking…

We at Haunted Auckland are forever trying out ideas to work around the myriad theories surrounding the vast paranormal field. So many theories regarding the “what” and “how” etc., of the various aspects within paranormal research. It’s all part of a natural progression for the team. As we learn and experience, we grow. Experimenting with… Continue reading I’ve Been Thinking…

Mount St. Mary’s College and Convent – Katoomba, NSW

As I was wandering around Katoomba, Australia, on my way to photograph the local old cemetery, I stumbled upon this incredible beast of a building. Have to say my mouth was pretty wide open for the whole time I spent taking it all in! It’s huge! It was closed to the public and totally surrounded… Continue reading Mount St. Mary’s College and Convent – Katoomba, NSW

Survivor Man: Bigfoot

  Survivor Man: Bigfoot                                                                       In the words of Survivor Man Les Stroud he is not a big-footer, nor an enthusiast nor is he a witness to a sighting. He is a man who has had some experiences and he now wants answers – The truth. These are in  his words in the new episodes of… Continue reading Survivor Man: Bigfoot

Getting Hairy with Rex Gilroy

Rex Gilroy, Director of the Australian Yowie Research Centre, Katoomba, NSW studying the Wadbilliga Dryopithecine fossil footprint. It is yet one more piece of evidence of an Australian primate presence in Pleistocene times and earlier. Photo copyright © Rex Gilroy 2013

I first heard about Rex Gilroy as a child. Perhaps about 1980, or thereabouts. I was a budding young cryptozoologist / paranormal researcher that would spend my time reading up every book or article I could find on the subjects. I also collected newspaper clippings. In my collection I have clippings that mention Rex Gilroy.… Continue reading Getting Hairy with Rex Gilroy

Offering a solution: After the investigation.

So you’ve completed your investigation and it’s time to pack up. You go home, review your evidence, and you end up with countless EVP, and whatever else. You determine that in fact the place you’ve investigated is most likely haunted. Well, now what? Chances are after we return to give our reveal of information we’ve… Continue reading Offering a solution: After the investigation.

Kingseat Maximum Security – Third Overnight Session

Haunted Auckland makes their third visit to the Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital Maximum Security buildings for an overnight investigation.


Introduction   Recently, in the Australasian Ufologist, I had an article published titled “Waking paralysed:abduction or sleep paralysis?” In this article I pointed out that, to me, quite a few abduction accounts seemed more like attacks of sleep paralysis accompanied by hypnagogic/hypnopompic imagery, than anything extraordinary. While undertaking the research for that article, I started… Continue reading PARALYSIS AND THE UFO PHENOMENON

How To See Ghosts

This page offers some of the ways we have come across during our research,  that other people, paranormal teams and investigators have discovered  that have allowed them to “see ghosts” We can not vouch for the  authenticity of any of these experiences, methods or experiments.  Video Feedback   How can you see a ghost in… Continue reading How To See Ghosts

Science and Pseudoscience in Ghost Investigations

There are thousands of amateur ghost hunters around the world whose techniques are modeled after hit cable television shows such as Ghost Hunters, which claim to use good science. But a close examination of typical ghost-hunting methods reveals them to be mostly pseudoscience. Millions of people are interested in ghosts. One 2005 Gallup poll found… Continue reading Science and Pseudoscience in Ghost Investigations

Study Explains Cognitive Illusion of Psychic Powers

New research demonstrates that humans can subconsciously detect and assimilate changes in visual stimuli without knowing where that information came from, or what exactly changed. The study suggests that this phenomenon of “knowing without knowing” can often be mistaken for psychic powers or supernatural intuition. ANALYSIS: How Psychics Play the Odds and Still Lose A… Continue reading Study Explains Cognitive Illusion of Psychic Powers


The bunyip, or kianpraty, is a large mythical creature from Aboriginal mythology said to lurk in swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds and waterholes. The origin of the word bunyip has been traced to the Wemba Wemba or Wergaia language of Aboriginal people of South-Eastern Australia. However, the bunyip appears to have formed part of traditional Aboriginal… Continue reading Bunyip

Australian Ape Nesting and Great Ape Comparison

NESTING – A comparison of bedding between Great Apes and the fabled Australian Ape By Ray Doherty, Anthony Lipanovic, Nigel Francis, Lindsay Sander and Brad Payne A possible nest found near a tree nest location. This more than likely belongs to the adult which is more terrestrial as it gets older and sleeps whilst its… Continue reading Australian Ape Nesting and Great Ape Comparison


Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is the name given to an ape or hominid – like creature that some people believe inhabits forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid. The term sasquatch is an anglicized derivative of the Halkomelem word sásq’ets. Most… Continue reading Bigfoot


Different modalities of mediumship encompass clairvoyance relating to mental images, clairaudience involving auditory experiences deriving from unseen sources, ‘physical’  or ‘materialization’ manifestations with the medium typically entering a trance state, ‘automatic writing,’ and ‘Direct Voice’ phenomena where seance sitters have conversed with voices of people who’d passed over to another realm of being.  ‘Spirit contact’… Continue reading Spiritualism

The Trent Farm Photos – Analysis

(This paper was originally published in the proceedings of the 1976 UFO conference of the centre for UFO studies. This  version has been modified slightly in April 2000 for this Publication. This is the first of two technical and historical papers on The Trent photo case that were presented to and published by The centre… Continue reading The Trent Farm Photos – Analysis

Manifesting Spirits – A Paranormal Theory

Most of us have heard of “The Secret” and “Abraham Hicks and the law of attraction”, the power of positive affirmations and envisioning what we want and need in life, and making it into a real, and physical object or situation. Many of us practice these beliefs daily, through prayer, positive thoughts, and positive actions,… Continue reading Manifesting Spirits – A Paranormal Theory

Prosaic Explanations: The Failure Of UFO Skepticism

Introduction “If I had found even a single case that defied prosaic explanation, I would have rushed to my typewriter (now my PC) to write the most exciting story ever published by Aviation Week & Space Technology Magazine.” -in a letter from Philip J. Klass to Dr. Eugene Mallove Could some UFO sightings actually be… Continue reading Prosaic Explanations: The Failure Of UFO Skepticism