Strangers in the Mirror

Have you ever looked in a mirror at night and seen a stranger’s face staring back at you? Have you ever seen something in the mirror which can’t be real? Have you gazed into a mirror, only to realise that the face gazing back at you no longer has the familiar features of your own?… Continue reading Strangers in the Mirror

Ghost Talking evening & Public Ghost Hunt @ The Pumphouse Theatre – Dec 1st 2018

Two events on the one night! Ghost Talking – A fun and fascinating evening of talks on various paranormal subjects. Followed by a public Ghost Hunt of the Theatre.   Ghost Talking event speakers were…. Sam Collier – What are we so afraid of? Marlene Hayes – Demonic Possession – Diabolical or Psychological? Barbara Caisley… Continue reading Ghost Talking evening & Public Ghost Hunt @ The Pumphouse Theatre – Dec 1st 2018

I’ve Been Thinking…

We at Haunted Auckland are forever trying out ideas to work around the myriad theories surrounding the vast paranormal field. So many theories regarding the “what” and “how” etc., of the various aspects within paranormal research. It’s all part of a natural progression for the team. As we learn and experience, we grow. Experimenting with… Continue reading I’ve Been Thinking…

When Ghost Hunting Goes Bad – An article by Hayley Stevens

A good article by Hayley Stevens that highlights one of the major downfalls of the paranormal research field, that we see around us on an almost daily basis. Especially when it comes to private residential visits.Unfortunately, the field is rife with uneducated, naive and inexperienced enthusiasts; all wanting to play ‘Ghost hunters’ and hopefully become… Continue reading When Ghost Hunting Goes Bad – An article by Hayley Stevens

[Book] Australia’s Haunted History – By Jeanette Kamper

Finally got through reading this wee beast of a book. Been busy roadtripping and writing myself, so have been taking this around with me to flip through at random moments during the last few weeks. Only a few pages in and I was fast realising this book was good. Very good in fact. I could… Continue reading [Book] Australia’s Haunted History – By Jeanette Kamper

Finding Truth Through Terror: Sleep Paralysis

A Preface At 8 years old, I had my first experience of true terror, when I awoke to a man at the end of my bed. This man was definitely not my brother. He was a luminescent figure. No distinguishing features, just a glowing silhouette of light. I was frozen with fear, I couldn’t move.… Continue reading Finding Truth Through Terror: Sleep Paralysis

Ouija Boards: Harmless fun – Or dangerous past time?

Early example of a Ouija Board, circa 1900

There is still some confusion and mystery surrounding the birth of the Ouija Board, but it’s fair to say, similar “oracle” type boards have been used throughout history. One of the first to be documented was in fact in China, centuries ago around 1100AD, although some enthusiasts insist that the Ouija, or something like it,… Continue reading Ouija Boards: Harmless fun – Or dangerous past time?

Offering a solution: After the investigation.

So you’ve completed your investigation and it’s time to pack up. You go home, review your evidence, and you end up with countless EVP, and whatever else. You determine that in fact the place you’ve investigated is most likely haunted. Well, now what? Chances are after we return to give our reveal of information we’ve… Continue reading Offering a solution: After the investigation.

The dangers of Preliminary Investigation

This subject was brought to my attention on a Paranormal website’s forum. The question asked was regarding what to ask a client prior to going to a location to investigate. One response really caused me to think about what could create bias in a potential investigation, including selection, scientific, and cognitive bias on the part… Continue reading The dangers of Preliminary Investigation

Ghost Apps: Fun or Fraud?

The old adage, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is” couldn’t be more appropriate way to start this article. The subject alone is enough to make anyone serious about paranormal research pull their hair out. Ghost apps. How are they fooling the masses? Especially “educated paranormal researchers”??  Makes you wonder,  right?… Continue reading Ghost Apps: Fun or Fraud?

As In Life, As In Death – A Paranormal Theory

“David was a grumpy old man, he’d spent 40 years working in poor conditions in a factory for minimum wage, spent his life living in public housing, never being able to afford a house of his own. His children had grown up with hand me down clothing as money was tight. This led to complications… Continue reading As In Life, As In Death – A Paranormal Theory

Basic Types of Hauntings

Have you ever seen a ghost? Have you ever heard someone call your name when you know no one is there? Ever seen the shadowy figure of someone out of the corner of your eye, then turn and see nothing? Or, have you ever seen someone that looks exactly like yourself, only to watch them… Continue reading Basic Types of Hauntings


The thylacine ( THY-lə-seen,  or Thylacinus cynocephalus, Greek for “dog-headed pouched one”) was the largest known carnivorous marsupial of modern times. It is commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger (because of its striped back) or the Tasmanian wolf. Native to continental Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea, it is thought to have become extinct in the 20th… Continue reading Thylacine

Evil Spirits Plague Restaurant

As reported in: NZHerald – 08 December 2013. Troubled Botany restaurant an establishment where they don’t usually serve spirits The new boss of a restaurant that has sent five owners broke in three years wants an exorcist to check the property for evil spirits. Auckland businessman Darius Karani is setting up an Asian fusion restaurant in Bishop… Continue reading Evil Spirits Plague Restaurant

Return to Private Residence, New Lynn

The Haunted Auckland team returned to the New Lynn house for a full overnight investigation, following an intriguing initial investigation which seemed to indicate that the home may quite possibly be actively haunted.