Ahiaruhe Abandoned House – Carterton

The abandoned house at Ahiaruhe has given rise to lots of legends. Perhaps the most frequently enquired after house in Wairarapa is a derelict mansion that sits atop a ridge in the Ahiaruhe district, across the road from Stonehenge Aotearoa. It must surely be the most photographed building in Wairarapa. It has all the requisites… Continue reading Ahiaruhe Abandoned House – Carterton

Cock Lane ghost

The Cock Lane ghost was a purported haunting that attracted mass public attention in 1762. The location was an apartment in Cock Lane, a short road adjacent to London’s Smithfield market and a few minutes’ walk from St Paul’s Cathedral. The event centred on three people: William Kent, a usurer from Norfolk, Richard Parsons, a… Continue reading Cock Lane ghost

Big Bird’s Last Stand

Cryptozoology can be separated into three classifications: Out of place animals – Alien Big Cats in Britain for example. Previously unknown species – for example Bigfoot and the Mongolian Death Worm. Paleocryptids – those species that once existed but though extinct still make appearances and leave evidence of their continued existence. Creatures like the Tasmanian… Continue reading Big Bird’s Last Stand

The Laughing Owl

Once the maniacal laugh like call of this bird rang through the night forests, then in just 40 years this call was heard no more. However, reports persist… The Laughing Owl was a moderate sized Owl 14 – 15” in height and with a wingspan of 10.4”. It had reddish brown plumage streaked with darker… Continue reading The Laughing Owl

New Zealand South Island Panther

Does a group of Large Mysterious Cats roam the wilds of Canterbury? A relatively unknown New Zealand cryptid is the South Island Panther. Sightings of these cats are confined mainly to the Canterbury area and have led to the suspicion that the animal or animals are escapees from a private collection. Sightings began in 1996… Continue reading New Zealand South Island Panther

Waitoreke – Giant Otter

Tales of strange Otter-like creatures have come from the South Island of New Zealand and persist to the present day. What is this strange creature? Is it an undiscovered remnant mammalian species or a stranded and forgotten link to New Zealand’s past. New Zealand is believed to have had no mammals when it separated from Gondwana, apart… Continue reading Waitoreke – Giant Otter

The Moa

Moa were large, flightless birds that lived in New Zealand until about 500 years ago. There were 10 species of these extinct birds. They belong to the ratite group of birds, in the order Dinornithiformes, which also includes ostriches, emus and kiwi. Moa were hunted to extinction by Māori, who found them easy targets. Their… Continue reading The Moa

Giant Moa wasn’t so robust

As reported in the NZHerald – 22nd December 2013 The South Island Giant Moa wasn’t quite as hefty as we had thought. A new study has found its bones were more slender than first believed, which has resulted in a recalculation of the birds’ size. Instead of studying just the birds’ leg bones to determine… Continue reading Giant Moa wasn’t so robust

Waimate Hospital, Waimate

A number of sod built cottages were built at Sodtown in the Waimate’s early days. The area became the site of Waimate Hospital. A cottage hospital was built on the site of former SOD TOWN in 1874-5. A larger building was erected in 1878. Dr Deane (from Blenheim) was appointed resident surgeon in December 1878.… Continue reading Waimate Hospital, Waimate

Elusive ‘panther’ may be on the move

As reported in: NZHerald – 22 October 2013. Mid-Canterbury’s elusive black panther may have moved south. Last week a delivery driver spotted what he described as a large cat-like animal feeding on road kill just outside the Fairlie township in the early hours of the morning. The description was remarkably similar to reports in a number… Continue reading Elusive ‘panther’ may be on the move

North a UFO hot spot [The Northern Advocate]

Have you seen any UFOs in Northland? The truth may be out and about in Northland with numerous reports of strange phenomena above the region – from curious lights, mysterious craft and even a possible alien landing, and video footage being sent overseas for expert analysis. Suzanne Hansen, network director for Ufocus NZ research, which… Continue reading North a UFO hot spot [The Northern Advocate]

Paddy Freaney, Moa Man, is dead

Paddy Freaney, who claimed to have spotted the massive, but long-extinct, Moa in the Craigieburn Range, has died. A publican in the high country he loved and climbed, Freaney’s claim that he and two hiking buddies spotted a 6-foot Moa – evidence he tried to support with a photograph – sparked a cryptozoological mystery that… Continue reading Paddy Freaney, Moa Man, is dead

Alien Big Cats in New Zealand

Found this interesting article over on http://naturalplane.blogspot.com . Alien Big Cat (ABCs) are alive and well in New Zealand and the sightings of them are becoming many and frequent. Now, before you really think I’m crazy (more than usual anyway), let me educate you as to what Alien Big Cats are. Alien Big Cats (ABCs,… Continue reading Alien Big Cats in New Zealand

UFOs Buzz New Zealand After X-Files Release [AOL NEWS.COM]

Could New Zealand become a new hot spot for close encounters? Just days after New Zealand authorities released 2,000 pages of previously classified UFO X-Files, mysterious lights were spotted over three locations.New Zealand’s stuff.co.nz news service reports that on Sunday, Boxing Day in that country, unexplained orange and red lights appeared above Napier, Taranaki and… Continue reading UFOs Buzz New Zealand After X-Files Release [AOL NEWS.COM]

High country trap for mystery black panther

By LOIS CAIRNS – Sunday Star Times / Photo: Michael O’Neill HIGH COUNTRY farmer David Wightman is on a mission to prove the mysterious black panther that reportedly roams the hills of Mid-Canterbury is not a figment of people’s overactive imaginations – he’s built a trap to catch the elusive creature. Mystery has surrounded the… Continue reading High country trap for mystery black panther

‘Kiwi’ found in outer space

An astrophotographer has discovered a Kiwi in outer space from New Zealand’s internationally renowned Mt John Observatory. It may be 26,000 light years away, but a high powered astro-photograph has picked up the distinct image of New Zealand’s national icon in the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy. The image of the flightless bird was… Continue reading ‘Kiwi’ found in outer space

NZ sightings of spiral ‘UFO’? [stuff.co.nz]

By KATARINA FILIPE – The Timaru Herald The strange spiral that appeared over Norway. Timaruvians may soon get a chance to see the large, star-like object in the sky that has excited believers and astronomical experts around the world. The enormous spiral light with its glowing centre was seen over Norway on December 9. The… Continue reading NZ sightings of spiral ‘UFO’? [stuff.co.nz]

Maori legend of man-eating bird is true

Creature that features in New Zealand folklore really existed, scientists say By Paul Rodgers A Maori legend about a giant, man-eating bird has been confirmed by scientists. Te Hokioi was a huge black-and-white predator with a red crest and yellow-green tinged wingtips, in an account given to Sir George Gray, an early governor of New… Continue reading Maori legend of man-eating bird is true

Unidentified object flies Canterbury skies

By PAUL GORMAN – The Press Teenager Andrew Wilkinson captured an apparently fiery object in the Canterbury sky on his digital camera last night. Wilkinson, 17, photographed the object, at left, from his Halswell home at 7.27pm. He said it was too slow to be a meteor or a plane, and wondered if it might… Continue reading Unidentified object flies Canterbury skies

Hunting mythical creatures

Big cats, `extinct’ songbirds, moa, native otters there’s a zoo-ful of shy and mysterious creatures roaming the countryside if New Zealand’s cryptozoologists are to be believed. Are they just chasing dreams or is the truth out there? Kim Knight reports.   It was a dark and stormy night. OK, says Vicki Hyde, president of the New… Continue reading Hunting mythical creatures

Death of a legend: NZ’s Moehau

It has often been mentioned there are no bodies, that one conclusive tangible piece of evidence, ever found of hominid cryptids. Why? Here in New Zealand, as would be the situation with our Moehau – New Zealand’s Bigfoot, once something dies in the bush it is very quickly adsorbed into the ecosystem and little to… Continue reading Death of a legend: NZ’s Moehau