Gettysburg – USA

The battle of Gettysburg occurred over the first three days in July 1863. This was the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War when the Union (North) army and the Confederate (South) armies fought for the future of the United States and according to some historians the Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point in… Continue reading Gettysburg – USA

Ghost Cam: Gettysburg Battlefield

Gettysburg Battlefield Ghost Cam

Gettysburg Pennsylvania was the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War and also one of the most haunted locations in the United States. The Gettysburg BattleCam broadcasts live images every 5 minutes from Seminary Ridge overlooking McPherson’s woods where the first days battle began.

Basic Types of Hauntings

Have you ever seen a ghost? Have you ever heard someone call your name when you know no one is there? Ever seen the shadowy figure of someone out of the corner of your eye, then turn and see nothing? Or, have you ever seen someone that looks exactly like yourself, only to watch them… Continue reading Basic Types of Hauntings

Cumberland College, Otago

Cumberland College is a residential college in Dunedin, for the University of Otago. The iconic landmark was established as a hall of residence in 1989 and is located in the former Dunedin Hospital Nurses’ Home, built in 1916, just across the road from Dunedin Hospital and the Queen Mary Maternity Hospital. There are underground tunnels… Continue reading Cumberland College, Otago