Harbour Bridge Ghost

There is an old story that goes at least into the early 80’s, perhaps even much earlier, of a man who was found drowned underneath the Auckland Harbour Bridge. It is thought that he had died after being either swept off his fishing perch by incoming rough water, or fell, hitting his head and drowning,… Continue reading Harbour Bridge Ghost

The Three Witches, Auckland Domain

The legend of the Three Witches There are stories that have been wafting around in time, of three witches that were hanged in the 1800’s from trees in swamp land which has now become the beautiful and iconic Auckland Domain. There are tales (urban legends perhaps) of people walking through the park being ambushed by… Continue reading The Three Witches, Auckland Domain

Victoria Theatre and Picture Palace

What will the team find in this century old Devonport theatre where the ghost of a former projectionist is said to dwell? Join us on a joint investigation with the Auckland Spirit Chasers. Location The Victoria Theatre and Picture Palace is located in Devonport, on Auckland’s picturesque North Shore. Known for its beaches and expensive real-estate,… Continue reading Victoria Theatre and Picture Palace

Auckland Civic Theatre

What lurks behind the curtains at New Zealand’s largest, and most iconic theatre? Find out as the team gets special back-stage access to this landmark of Auckland’s cultural history.