Puhinui Homestead man talks about a pump

One in particular is really intriguing as it sounds like Mark Wallbank speaking and saying something about pumps, however Mark had left the building over an hour beforehand. This man’s voice was captured during one of our many research sessions at Puhinui House at the Howick village. The investigation was a duo with only Barbara and Karen present at the time. They were downstairs and had left the audio recorder upstairs. A man’s voice clearly asks “What about the pumps?” or something along those lines. The voice seems to be quite close to the audio recorder. It is interesting to note that the pump that had originally been at the house had been imported from England and that it was at that time state-of-the-art and the owner had been immensely proud of it. I can offer no explanation for that voice as at the time there were only two female investigators in the building. – Barbara

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