Five-legged calf back on Trade Me

The five-legged calf
– LOUISE RISK – Waikato Times
A five-legged calf is back on Trade Me after an unhappy husband put a stop to his wife’s winning bid, telling the calf’s seller, Reporoa dairy farm manager Jonathan King, “she went a bit ape”.

King has added the message “wives please ask for your husband’s permission before bidding” to the auction page for the friesian heifer calf with a fifth leg protruding from its neck.
The new listing for the calf has reached its reserve of $60, but King is doubtful it will match the $305 it reached in the first auction.
“I just hope that the top bidder actually pays for it this time.”

King said he had heard the Hawke’s Bay Farmyard Zoo had a five-legged sheep and he thought they may be interested in the calf.

“That would be cool – imagine a five-legged calf and a five-legged sheep together,” he said. “It would be choice.”
The original listing for the calf sparked a variety of feedback, from those who thought it was “cute” to those who thought it was a “freak”.
King was undeterred by the opinions of others, and was still keen to find the calf, who would have otherwise been dead by now, a good home. The auction closes on Sunday, January 23.

By Mark Wallbank

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