As In Life, As In Death – A Paranormal Theory

“David was a grumpy old man, he’d spent 40 years working in poor conditions in a factory for minimum wage, spent his life living in public housing, never being able to afford a house of his own. His children had grown up with hand me down clothing as money was tight. This led to complications… Continue reading As In Life, As In Death – A Paranormal Theory

Theory of “Spirit Orbs” and The Diagnosing of Online Photos

We are often sent photos and asked what we think of them. After feeling like a broken record, I felt like maybe I should explain why we do not “diagnose” photos that are sent to us over the internet. It’s not that we’re being “para snobs!” Honestly! Bottom line, whether its a potential spirit orb,… Continue reading Theory of “Spirit Orbs” and The Diagnosing of Online Photos

I thought I saw a Terror Saur! – Do Prehistoric flying reptiles still exist?

Are there living pterosaurs in Zambia’s swamplands? Those iconic winged reptiles of prehistory known as the pterosaurs died out alongside the last dinosaurs over 60 million years ago…didn’t they? Most mainstream zoologists would say that they did. Then again, most mainstream zoologists have probably never heard of the kongamato, the ropen, the duah, or a… Continue reading I thought I saw a Terror Saur! – Do Prehistoric flying reptiles still exist?


First predicted by psychologist, William James, transliminality is a hypothesis for the tendency of psychological material to cross thresholds into or out of consciousness. The flow of information from our conscious to our unconscious has been a subject of great debate, interest and thought for many centuries. It was William James who suggested that out… Continue reading Transliminality

Are we Really Ready?

As we enter 2013, and continue our investigations into the unknown, I wonder if we, as communities are really ready for scientific evidence to be truly found, tested and released for public and scientific scrutiny. As word has continued to leak about the current Big Foot DNA study, the chatter is already deafening! Let me… Continue reading Are we Really Ready?

Spirit Testimony

As investigators and researchers of the paranormal world we often find ourselves in search of something that quantifies the very thing we are looking for. However, the paranormal field often has us seeking, searching the darkness if you will, sadly without resolution! Still perhaps it’s this failure to find conclusive evidence that keeps us forever… Continue reading Spirit Testimony

The Possiblity of Mosasaurs breeding off the New Zealand Coast.

Introduction: There have been many encounters with unknown creatures off the coast of New Zealand, with the East coast being particularly favoured. There is a very good reason for this, running parallel to New Zealand’s coastline is the Hikurangi Trench. A deep gouge on the ocean floor, that descends in places to depths of 3,750… Continue reading The Possiblity of Mosasaurs breeding off the New Zealand Coast.

The Orb Phenomenon

INTRODUCTION In recent years a number of people have reported finding anomalous circular images, often called “orbs,” in photos taken at night with a flash, under seemingly ordinary conditions. The photos have been taken both outdoors and indoors. These photos were not taken under “conventional UFO,” conditions, i.e., there were no strange lights or objects… Continue reading The Orb Phenomenon


Written on 3-6-2012 for the SA Paranormal Meet-ups  What Is Transpiration? Transpiration is a naturally occurring phenomena that is similar to evaporation, and is part of the water cycle. It is a loss of water vapour from parts of plants, especially the leaves. How does this differ from Evaporation or Evapotranspiration? Evaporation is defined as… Continue reading Transpiration

Distortions of time

When views have existed for many years, it can be extremely arduous changing them. New Zealand is a classic example, it was always thought that we were free from snakes, crocodiles and even apart from three species of bats, mammals as a whole. A way different picture is certainly now being painted of New Zealand… Continue reading Distortions of time

Long Exposure Images of Very Distant Lights

The Effects of Atmospheric Scintillation When the exposure time is a large fraction of a second the image of a distant light such as that of a star or planet can be changed from what it should look like, a bright white point of light, to a “squiggly” line (or smear or streak) which has varying intensity… Continue reading Long Exposure Images of Very Distant Lights

Big Feet Musing

I was sitting here doing some thinking, please note jokes about seeing the smoke rising I get enough of that from my family, and it occurred to me why the many varied types of Sasquatch, Bigfoot or whatever you want to call the big guy may act more communally than we originally thought. I have… Continue reading Big Feet Musing

EVP – Fact or Fiction ?

For as long as I have had an interest in the paranormal I can remember an association with Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Even years back when I remember some friends trying out some EVP work with a cassette recorder. They sat there in a circle, with some atmospheric candle light asking out into the semi-darkness.… Continue reading EVP – Fact or Fiction ?

Where have all the cryptids gone?

If we look back on the history of Cryptid sightings, the further back we go the more frequent the sightings seem to be. It seems once an area is colonised sightings appear, instead of as one would expect to increase, to decline sharply. Is it because these creatures seek retreats further apart from the colonised… Continue reading Where have all the cryptids gone?


Paranormal investigation is the current “IT” hobby, and, as a result, it seems that the paranormal community is rife with less-than-professional organizations (or, as we like to refer to them – “social clubs”) that have seemingly all come out of the woodwork. Few of these groups offer any substantive value to the paranormal community. These pseudo-scientific… Continue reading Professionalism

Death of a legend: NZ’s Moehau

It has often been mentioned there are no bodies, that one conclusive tangible piece of evidence, ever found of hominid cryptids. Why? Here in New Zealand, as would be the situation with our Moehau – New Zealand’s Bigfoot, once something dies in the bush it is very quickly adsorbed into the ecosystem and little to… Continue reading Death of a legend: NZ’s Moehau