ECRA 1978 Newsletter booklet scans

Recieved this classic piece today as a gift. Published by Wellington based research group ECRA (Earth Colonisation Research Association) Promotions and printed back in 1978, in limited numbers and circulated amongst the local underground UFO enthusiast community. Thank you so much Louise. It’ll go in my collection and is very much appreciated. After this posting… Continue reading ECRA 1978 Newsletter booklet scans

The Mexican Government Reveals Mayan Documents Proving Extraterrestrial Contact

 From: CollectiveEvolution The reality of extraterrestrial contact with human civilization is becoming more clear by the month as streams of information about the extraterrestrial presence and past influence hits. While some of us still have our doubts about ET contact, many are starting to realize the truth that has been talked about for centuries. One… Continue reading The Mexican Government Reveals Mayan Documents Proving Extraterrestrial Contact

UFOs and Rockets

MOST UFO INVESTIGATORS AGREE that UFOs represent a superior technology. In case after case, UFOs easily outdistance our fastest aircraft and are able to perform maneuvers that seem to defy the laws of physics. The craft are typically silent and show no evidence of any propulsion systems involving fuels or propellants. And yet the metallic… Continue reading UFOs and Rockets

Beyond UFO Abductions

The UFO phenomenon is extraordinarily complex, however the main focus is undeniably face-to-face encounters or the onboard UFO experience. Still, when people think of these types of close encounters, they often assume that the experience is a terrifying event during which the unwilling victim is laid out on a table and examined by emotionless gray-type… Continue reading Beyond UFO Abductions


Introduction   Recently, in the Australasian Ufologist, I had an article published titled “Waking paralysed:abduction or sleep paralysis?” In this article I pointed out that, to me, quite a few abduction accounts seemed more like attacks of sleep paralysis accompanied by hypnagogic/hypnopompic imagery, than anything extraordinary. While undertaking the research for that article, I started… Continue reading PARALYSIS AND THE UFO PHENOMENON

Angel Hair: An Australian Perspective

Introduction The term ‘Angel hair’ refers to a web-like substance, which has been observed falling from the sky to the ground. It is reported to have the unusual property of ‘disappearing’ within a short time of falling. On some occasions it is reported in the company of UFOs. Reports of ‘Angel hair’ have been made… Continue reading Angel Hair: An Australian Perspective

Rendlesham Forest Incident – Eyewitness Accounts

The Rendlesham Forest Incident is one of the best documented and most interesting cases in history. Several United States Air Force officers and trained military policemen who were witnesses to a UFO – up close and personal. This article has been reproduced by Haunted Auckland courtesy of The Rendlesham Forest Incident – Official Wesbite. The… Continue reading Rendlesham Forest Incident – Eyewitness Accounts

Sky-falls: When The sky is falling, Duck!

Sky-falls, for want of a better term, have occurred throughout history, even being mentioned in the bible. Frogs, fish and plant material – in one case broad-bean seeds in England – are the most common forms of sky-fall. However, other anomalous substances have also been seen to fall. There are many reports of blood and… Continue reading Sky-falls: When The sky is falling, Duck!

The Maureen Puddy Case

One track of the Wendy Connors Audio History of UFOlogy Series “CE IV” CD offers a 19-minute recording of an interview with Maureen Puddy about a July 25, 1972 “abduction” in Frankston, Victoria, Australia. In this case, the word ‘abduction’ is a misnomer identifying a wrongfulness to an event beyond the experiencer’s understanding.  The interview… Continue reading The Maureen Puddy Case

Reflections about UFOlogy

Some of the conclusions offered by editor Charles Bowen in the UFOlogy anthology Encounter Cases from Flying Saucer Review (1977) include the first paragraphs from the final chapter “Beliefs.” We believe that “flying saucers,” or UFOs, do exist: the evidence of sight, radar and sound indicates that either might be metallic, or might give the… Continue reading Reflections about UFOlogy

George Adamski and the Venusians

In 1952, contactee George Adamski took this photograph of a ‘Venusian’ Scout Craft. The close up shows more detail of a UFO than ever before seen. Adamski, who claimed to have been in direct contact with an alien being, took the photo through a telescope after one such contact. Does the photo show a vehicle… Continue reading George Adamski and the Venusians

Stephenville: Texas’ latest UFO Hot Spot?

It appears as though a dozen or so UFO sightings that were reported to San Antonio police earlier this month have been explained. A local news station broadcast the story about illuminated globes that were spotted floating over the Alamo City by several residents on the evening of May 17. One eyewitness named Roger Barrera… Continue reading Stephenville: Texas’ latest UFO Hot Spot?

The Trent Farm Photos – Analysis

(This paper was originally published in the proceedings of the 1976 UFO conference of the centre for UFO studies. This  version has been modified slightly in April 2000 for this Publication. This is the first of two technical and historical papers on The Trent photo case that were presented to and published by The centre… Continue reading The Trent Farm Photos – Analysis

Prosaic Explanations: The Failure Of UFO Skepticism

Introduction “If I had found even a single case that defied prosaic explanation, I would have rushed to my typewriter (now my PC) to write the most exciting story ever published by Aviation Week & Space Technology Magazine.” -in a letter from Philip J. Klass to Dr. Eugene Mallove Could some UFO sightings actually be… Continue reading Prosaic Explanations: The Failure Of UFO Skepticism

Unusual Aerial Sightings – Australian Government Records

“UNUSUAL AERIAL SIGHTINGS” A SEARCH THROUGH THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT’S RECORDS SYSTEMS Compiled by Keith Basterfield On behalf of the Australian UFO Research Association @2011   Excerpt: Between  June  2003  and  June  2008  a  major  search  was  undertaken  to  locate  and  examine Australian  Government  files  relating  to  “Unusual  Aerial  Sightings”  (otherwise  known  as “Unidentified Flying Objects”  –  UFOs.)  Although the… Continue reading Unusual Aerial Sightings – Australian Government Records

Flying Saucers and The Nine Pattern

As mentioned in my review of Flying Saucers from Outer Space (1953) by Donald E. Keyhoe, at a Pentagon press conference in 1952 General John Samford stated about UFOs “. . . there has been no pattern that reveals anything remotely like purpose or remotely like consistency that we can in any way associate with… Continue reading Flying Saucers and The Nine Pattern

The Warminster Mystery

The books of UK reporter Arthur Shuttlewood (1920-1996) provide insights on the topic of unidentified flying objects and human contact with people from beyond our earthly realm, a subject  considered in previous blog articles about Orfeo Angelucci, Truman Bethurum and Daniel Fry, among others.  Shuttlewood’s first book The Warminster Mystery (1967) chronicles momentous experiences as… Continue reading The Warminster Mystery

The 1868 “UFO vision” of Frederick William Birmingham

Did a UFO buzz New South Wales, Australia, in 1868? was a local surveyor invited to board this incredible flying machine by its strange pilot, Or was it a dream? Here is the 2002 recreation of the 1868 “UFO vision” of Frederick William Birmingham in Parramatta which was part of 2 an internet TV programme, the… Continue reading The 1868 “UFO vision” of Frederick William Birmingham

Incident at Aztec

Did a UFO crash to Earth in the New Mexico desert in 1948? Did the US military recover charred alien corpses from the site and cover up the incident? Nick Redfern uncovers the FBI’s involvement in the case and finds that, more than 50 years later, the Aztec UFO affair is anything but a closed… Continue reading Incident at Aztec

Are we Really Ready?

As we enter 2013, and continue our investigations into the unknown, I wonder if we, as communities are really ready for scientific evidence to be truly found, tested and released for public and scientific scrutiny. As word has continued to leak about the current Big Foot DNA study, the chatter is already deafening! Let me… Continue reading Are we Really Ready?

Long Exposure Images of Very Distant Lights

The Effects of Atmospheric Scintillation When the exposure time is a large fraction of a second the image of a distant light such as that of a star or planet can be changed from what it should look like, a bright white point of light, to a “squiggly” line (or smear or streak) which has varying intensity… Continue reading Long Exposure Images of Very Distant Lights

Secret UFO files revealed

Secret Defence Force files reveal hundreds of UFO sightings, details of a top level Government investigative body, and previously unseen reports into the infamous Kaikoura mystery. More than 2000 pages of formerly classified files were released yesterday The files include: Sketches of a “spacecraft” sighted over the Wairau Valley. Letters from a Wellington mechanical engineer… Continue reading Secret UFO files revealed

Only one NZ UFO sighting investigated [The Press]

Among the hundreds of UFO sightings in New Zealand, only one was fully investigated. Public and media interest in the infamous Kaikoura UFO sightings in 1978, coupled with strong personal interest from Prime Minister Robert Muldoon, led to a detailed report being prepared by the air force. This is the first time it has been… Continue reading Only one NZ UFO sighting investigated [The Press]