The Old Melbourne Gaol (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

It’d been many, many years since I’d been to Melbourne. In-fact the last time I’d been I think Kylie and Jason were still mulling about on Ramsey street and I remember peeking over the fence at a friend’s house thinking that the set of Neighbours was on the other side. That was over 30 years… Continue reading The Old Melbourne Gaol (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Newcastle Ghost Stories – Book by Renata Daniel

When I travelled over to Aussie recently for the Paracon event weekend, my suitcase weighed in at 26 kgs. That’s 3 kgs over the New Zealand legal limit. Most of that weight was my own books, in a box, to be sold (hopefully) at the Paracon bookstore. I sold a good few, which was awesome;… Continue reading Newcastle Ghost Stories – Book by Renata Daniel

Mount St. Mary’s College and Convent – Katoomba, NSW

As I was wandering around Katoomba, Australia, on my way to photograph the local old cemetery, I stumbled upon this incredible beast of a building. Have to say my mouth was pretty wide open for the whole time I spent taking it all in! It’s huge! It was closed to the public and totally surrounded… Continue reading Mount St. Mary’s College and Convent – Katoomba, NSW

Blue Mountains YHA, Katoomba.

I stayed 6 days at the YHA Katoomba, whilst in Australia for the annual Paracon, Paranormal weekend event. A relaxed stay with very friendly and helpful staff and a good steady flow of tourists and people passing through. I had heard a few stories of spooky goings-on in this place, so made a point to… Continue reading Blue Mountains YHA, Katoomba.

Fremantle Prison – Fremantle, Western Australia

Fremantle Prison, sometimes referred to as Fremantle Gaol or Fremantle Jail, is a former Australian prison in Fremantle, Western Australia. The six-hectare (15-acre) site includes the prison cellblocks, gatehouse, perimeter walls, cottages, and tunnels. Initially known as the Convict Establishment or The Establishment, it was constructed as a prison for convicts, using convict labour, between… Continue reading Fremantle Prison – Fremantle, Western Australia

Return to the Russell Hotel, Sydney

Set in the historic heart of Sydney’s The Rocks, the 1887 construct of the Russell Hotel is a piece of Australian history which retains all of its old world charm and decor. Decorated with traditional furniture, rooms add distinctive touches like open fireplaces or bay windows. Encompassing Sydney’s oldest bar, this colonial masterpiece is a… Continue reading Return to the Russell Hotel, Sydney

Quarantine Station, Manly – Australia

The complex operated as a quarantine station from 14 August 1832 to 29 February 1984. The idea behind it was that anyone arriving in the colony (as it then was) who might have an infectious disease would be kept in quarantine until it was considered safe to release them. The station is now home to… Continue reading Quarantine Station, Manly – Australia

Maitland Gaol – New South Wales, Australia.

Maitland Gaol is a former Australian prison located in East Maitland, New South Wales. Its construction was started in 1844 and prisoners first entered the gaol in 1848. By the time of its closure, on 31 January 1998, it had become the longest continually run gaol in Australia. It has since been turned into a… Continue reading Maitland Gaol – New South Wales, Australia.

Monte Cristo homestead

Monte Cristo homestead was the country’s most haunted home. And it doesn’t seem to have fazed them – they still live there. Reginald’s nephew and his wife once visited Monte Cristo and were looking for the loo late one night. A young woman dressed in white appeared before them, whispered “Don’t worry, it will be… Continue reading Monte Cristo homestead

Picton Mushroom Tunnel – NSW, Australia

Picton Mushroom Tunnel, also known simply as ‘The Tunnel’, is quite the renowned location for paranormal happenings. Located just outside of Picton, NSW, Australia, the tunnel has seen its share of suicide, murder and accidental death. Many of those who visit there tell of strange lights, cold spots, disembodied voices and dark figures. The most… Continue reading Picton Mushroom Tunnel – NSW, Australia

Tragedy at Luna Park, Sydney.

Luna Park Sydney opened October 4th, 1935. The park enjoyed roaring trade up until the 1950’s when numbers declined, mainly due to the increased popularity of television. But the park continued on, and in 1979 tragedy struck when a fire engulfed the ghost train killing seven, including two young boys. Some say there is an… Continue reading Tragedy at Luna Park, Sydney.

The Ghosts of Adelaide Botanic Gardens

In 1852 the Adelaide Lunatic Asylum opened its doors. Built on land overlooking the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, the asylum served its intended purpose for fifty years, before patients were moved to the new Parkside Lunatic Asylum. Do any of the past patients still call the location home? The Colonial Public Lunatic Asylum. In  1836, South… Continue reading The Ghosts of Adelaide Botanic Gardens

The Poltergeist of McMinns Drive

Over a five month period, knives, broken glass, lids, bottles and many other objects were thrown about in a house at Humpty Doo, NT, Australia. The picture above shows an assortment of the objects, collected after being hurled by an apparent poltergeist. The story became big news, and many investigators attempted to solve the case. … Continue reading The Poltergeist of McMinns Drive

Machattie Park – Screams in the Dark

When Machattie Park officially opened in 1890, it was celebrated, as it symbolised the closing of one of Bathurst’s more unsightly pieces of history. Still, a part of that dark history remains, as piercing shrieks are heard, ringing out in the night. It seems the past continues to echo, even to this day. Screams in… Continue reading Machattie Park – Screams in the Dark

Bishops Palace, Western Australia

When the first Anglican Bishop of North Western Australia, Gerard Trower, moved into his new residence the ‘Bishops Palace’, he was not expecting it to be already occupied. One night Bishop Trower awoke to find a ghostly figure illuminating his bedroom. Although Bishop Trower described the figure as dressed in the garments of a Rabbi,… Continue reading Bishops Palace, Western Australia

Garth Homestead – Misery and Death

Garth Homestead, in the Fingal Valley, Tasmania, is known not for the fear it puts into those who visit after dark, but rather the terror. It is a rare occasion indeed, for a paranormal investigator to last a full night. From a rejected mans suicide, to a drowned girl and her nanny, Garth has it… Continue reading Garth Homestead – Misery and Death

Fremantle Prison – The Limestone Lodge

Fremantle Prison was home to some of Australia’s most notorious criminals, before it closed its doors in 1991. It has since become a popular haunt for those looking at experiencing the paranormal, and is quite well known for the dark, shadowy figures that call the now empty cell blocks home. History of the Limestone Lodge… Continue reading Fremantle Prison – The Limestone Lodge

The Guyra Mystery

Photo: The Guyra House with Bowens standing on the front porch circa 1921.

It all began on Friday 8th April 1921. Twelve-year old Minnie Bowen was walking to the old weather board cottage she lived in with her family, about 1km outside of the town of Guyra. As she walked she was pursued by a man who assaulted her by throwing stones. Minnie, who was understandably panicked by… Continue reading The Guyra Mystery