Fata Morgana & the Quest for UFO Evidence

 “Fata Morgana”, sounds like the name of a sorceress from legendary stories of King Arthur & the Knights of The Round Table, and believe it or not, that’s indeed where the term’s origins lay! However it is also the scientific name for a natural phenomena that could explain a small amount of UFO reports in… Continue reading Fata Morgana & the Quest for UFO Evidence

How To See Ghosts

This page offers some of the ways we have come across during our research,  that other people, paranormal teams and investigators have discovered  that have allowed them to “see ghosts” We can not vouch for the  authenticity of any of these experiences, methods or experiments.  Video Feedback   How can you see a ghost in… Continue reading How To See Ghosts

Manifesting Spirits – A Paranormal Theory

Most of us have heard of “The Secret” and “Abraham Hicks and the law of attraction”, the power of positive affirmations and envisioning what we want and need in life, and making it into a real, and physical object or situation. Many of us practice these beliefs daily, through prayer, positive thoughts, and positive actions,… Continue reading Manifesting Spirits – A Paranormal Theory

Orbs and Digital Photography

There is much debate and controversy as to whether “orbs” in photos are spiritual/ghosts, dust, moisture or insects. On one side of the debate, “Sceptics” are saying the orb is a reflection/ refraction of light caused by the flash being too close to the lens on modern digital cameras. Sceptics will also argue that dust, moisture, rain… Continue reading Orbs and Digital Photography

As In Life, As In Death – A Paranormal Theory

“David was a grumpy old man, he’d spent 40 years working in poor conditions in a factory for minimum wage, spent his life living in public housing, never being able to afford a house of his own. His children had grown up with hand me down clothing as money was tight. This led to complications… Continue reading As In Life, As In Death – A Paranormal Theory

EMF Baseline Readings

I am providing here information about two different variations of getting your baseline readings before you start your investigation, both are legitimate ways to obtain your readings, however, the first “Positional Baseline” could be considered the more “scientific” approach of the two. Positional baseline This is a baseline reading to set a standard for your… Continue reading EMF Baseline Readings


First predicted by psychologist, William James, transliminality is a hypothesis for the tendency of psychological material to cross thresholds into or out of consciousness. The flow of information from our conscious to our unconscious has been a subject of great debate, interest and thought for many centuries. It was William James who suggested that out… Continue reading Transliminality


Written on 3-6-2012 for the SA Paranormal Meet-ups  What Is Transpiration? Transpiration is a naturally occurring phenomena that is similar to evaporation, and is part of the water cycle. It is a loss of water vapour from parts of plants, especially the leaves. How does this differ from Evaporation or Evapotranspiration? Evaporation is defined as… Continue reading Transpiration