Australia’s Loch Ness Monster? [HOAX]

Is it a bunyip? Is it Australia’s answer to the Loch Ness Monster? Reports on the Easter weekend of a mysterious creature emerging from a billabong near Doomadgee in northern Queensland have left locals and cryptozoologists all around the world in a frenzied flap.

The North West Star Newspaper, based in Mt Isa, Queensland, report that a couple came into their offices with an image of a mysterious creature sighted in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The paper reported “According to the legendary tale being told around kitchen tables in the region, a Doomadgee man was trying to take a photo of a large snake at Drum Yard Station, which is about 50 kilometres outside Doomadgee, when this creature emerged from a billabong. The quick thinking man supposedly hid behind a tree and took this “photograph” before the monster slinked past him and out of sight.”According to the outback tabloid, “the picture is currently being passed from phone to phone throughout Doomadgee as residents debate its authenticity.”
However Australia’s foremost cryptozoologist is not so excited about the photo.
“This same image has been circulating in cryptozoology circles for almost two decades,” mulls Tim the Yowie Man from his national headquarters in Canberra.
“I first saw it associated with an alleged Bigfoot report from Wild Creek in the United States, near Mt Rainier Washington, on July 11 1995,” explains the expert monster hunter.
“Hoaxes like this very poor one do nothing but reduce the credibility of the field of cryptozoology,” says a disappointed Yowie Man.

By Mark Wallbank

Paranormal Investigator and Founder of Haunted Auckland. I have been a mad researcher of everything Paranormal, Extraterrestrial and Crypto-zoological, since early childhood. When not creating electronic music, watching Horror movies and documentaries, archiving and documenting NZ’s diverse and eclectic music history, I have spent countless hours investigating and furthering my research out in the field, either as part of a group or solo, since the early 80′s. I’ve spent much time in opportunistic investigations whilst travelling around New Zealand and Internationally.

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