Auckland Girl’s School Investigations: Various voices and knocking 2016 – 2018

During 2016 – 2018, the team were lucky enough to be granted unlimited access to research inside a historical Auckland girl’s school. In the two years of access we had, we conducted over 20 research visits, many of them full overnight stays. During a few of these sessions we would allow our followers to join in by starting a Facebook Live feed. This idea proved vfry useful, as those followers could watch and listen with, and for us. Certainly a big help in covering alot of area with so many eyes and ears monitoring.

During one session, our Live Feed followers commented they could hear what sounded like children playing. Laughing and giggling as they would in a school situation. The sounds were heard  whilst the live feed phone camera was positioned on a tripod in an old unused bathroom on the uptairs level. When one of the team went upstairs to sit in the batroom to see if we too could hear it (we couldnt hear it with our ears at the time), it was heard, but only electronically through headphones and not with the ears.  This was all happening arouna 2am in the morning.; a time when the chances of it actually being a crowd of children out playing wouldve been very slim. Again, the sounds were not heard with our ears, so could not have been coming from inside or outside. We post the audio captures here for you to listen to and form your own opinions.

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