Undisclosed former Auckland School

On October 15th the team were given access to this historic 1903 built, central Auckland former school. Team in attendance: Mark, Barbara, Sam, Kimberley, Lisa and Marlene.

We are told of the upper floor that is closed off and unused, due to staff being too frightened to go up there. The hallways and rooms were left empty and unused.

There have been claims of staff members seeing apparitions, hearing unusual sounds, and people feeling uneasy or ill when upstairs.

Staff working on the lower floor often talk about hearing the sound of footsteps, heavy dragging and loud bangs coming from upstairs, when there is never anyone up there.


We also attempted our first live Facebook video feed to our followers, to give them a chance to join in with us and help out with the investigation. This worked very well. At one point there were a total of 105 people watching and commenting. We will be utilising this technique on further investigations, as it now means we can have more eyes and ears covering more area throughout the night. A big thank you to all those that joined in and helped out. It was fun!

Photos below taken by Mark, Barbara, Sam, Kimberley, Lisa and Marlene. Click to enlarge for high resolution versions.




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