The Lakehouse Art Centre

We have been enjoying our ongoing investigation of the Lake House Arts Centre, in Takapuna. A stunning piece of historic real estate, built in the 1890’s as a family home and in 1997, relocated in seven pieces from its original place on Hurstmere road, at the Northern end of Takapuna Beach. A fascinating place with… Continue reading The Lakehouse Art Centre

Happy Birthday – Love, Grandma.

It is never easy losing a loved one. Grief hits us all in different ways, but for most of us the concept of continuing life without that person and achieving milestones in your life that they will not be there to witness if often the hardest pill to swallow. None of us would be alone… Continue reading Happy Birthday – Love, Grandma.

At Night at the Vulcan Hotel

I thought I’d share this here. It’s a chapter from my Haunted New Zealand Roadtrip book on an intriguing old histoical Pub / Hotel down in the stunning Central Otago region. We slowly crawled along the gravel road that passes through this “sprawling metropolis” – about five small historical houses, a post office and a… Continue reading At Night at the Vulcan Hotel

East Fortune Hospital – East Lothian, Scotland.

East Fortune is a village in East Lothian, Scotland. The area is known for its airfield which was constructed in 1915 to help protect Britain from attack by German Zeppelin airships during the First World War. In 1922 several buildings and an area of land were used to create East Fortune Hospital. This served as… Continue reading East Fortune Hospital – East Lothian, Scotland.

Bangour Village Psychiatric Hospital – Dechmont, West Lothian. Scotland

Bangour Village Hospital was a psychiatric hospital located west of Dechmont in West Lothian, Scotland. It was officially opened in October 1906 (under the name Edinburgh District Asylum), over two years after the first patients were admitted in June 1904. In 1918 Bangour General Hospital was created in the grounds, but the hospital began winding… Continue reading Bangour Village Psychiatric Hospital – Dechmont, West Lothian. Scotland

Jerome Grand Hotel – Jerome, Arizona. USA

The Grand Hotel was built in Jerome, Arizona in 1926 as the United Verde Hospital. It was a state-of-the-art medical facility and was listed at the time as the most modern and well equipped hospital in Arizona and possibly in all of the western states. Unfortunately in 1950 the hospital closed due to a dwindling… Continue reading Jerome Grand Hotel – Jerome, Arizona. USA

Gettysburg – USA

The battle of Gettysburg occurred over the first three days in July 1863. This was the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War when the Union (North) army and the Confederate (South) armies fought for the future of the United States and according to some historians the Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point in… Continue reading Gettysburg – USA

Waverley Hills Sanatorium – Louisville, Kentucky. U.S

Early in the 1900’s following an outbreak of ‘White Plague’ (otherwise known as tuberculosis) the Waverley Hills Sanatorium was purpose built for patients in hopes of containing the disease. There was no cure for the disease and whole families and sometimes, whole towns died from it. The land chosen for the sanatorium close to Louisville… Continue reading Waverley Hills Sanatorium – Louisville, Kentucky. U.S

Ngawhatu Psychiatric Hospital – Nelson

Built in 1922, the Ngawhatu Psychiatric Hospital operated up until the year 2000. The psychiatric hospital at Ngawhatu Valley filled up quickly with patients, young and old, ranging from epileptic to schizophrenic. Individual female and male villas were viewed as too segregated for a hospital. In 1984, as a result of a government plan, the individual… Continue reading Ngawhatu Psychiatric Hospital – Nelson

St John’s Orphanage – South Auckland

The Papatoetoe Orphan Home; opened on 1 April 1909, was a hospital for intellectually handicapped children. The home designed by the architect George Selwyn Goldsbro, was also known as St Mary’s Home and the Church of England Orphan Home, until being renamed as St John’s Home, or St John’s Orphanage. The Home accommodated 64 children.… Continue reading St John’s Orphanage – South Auckland

Former Wellington Fever Hospital / SPCA

It was a privilege and thrill to finally get the chance to explore this iconic historic Wellington landmark. The former Wellington Fever Hospital was designed in 1917 and completed for opening in 1920 to look after patients with infectious diseases and is a rare surviving example of an Isolation Hospital; situated high up on a… Continue reading Former Wellington Fever Hospital / SPCA

Glasgow Royal Infirmary – Glasgow, Scotland

The hospital was first built in 1794, when leeches were still seen as a legitimate way to treat illnesses. The hospital underwent major renovations at the beginning of the 1900s and then again in the 1970s. With centuries of both physical and mental suffering, as well as frequent remodelling, it is no surprise that there… Continue reading Glasgow Royal Infirmary – Glasgow, Scotland

Knights Hospitaller Fortified Church – Templetown, Wexford

The land here first was given to the monastic soldiers of the Knights Templar by Henry II, but when they were suppressed in 1307, the land was given to the Knights Hospitaller – who arrived with the Norman Strongbow, and later built this small place of worship. There are reports of ghostly figures and strange… Continue reading Knights Hospitaller Fortified Church – Templetown, Wexford

The Nature and Existence of Ghosts

Macbeth seeing the ghost of Banquo - by Théodore Chassériau

“What are ghosts?” – This is a question which is often pondered by paranormal investigators. A recent Reddit post started me thinking on my theories on the nature and existence of ghosts and I decided I would take the opportunity to expand on my thoughts here.

Can Electromagnetic Fields Create Ghosts?

  Q: I recently read your book Scientific Paranormal Investigation: How to Solve Unexplained Mysteries about the mistakes that ghost hunters make using EMF detectors during investigations and how they are not productive. However, I always understood that EMF meters/readers were used to measure EMF levels because high levels of EMF could cause hallucinations that… Continue reading Can Electromagnetic Fields Create Ghosts?

Lake Alice Hospital – Manawatu

Lake Alice Hospital was once a rural psychiatric facility situated in the Manawatu region, catering to the full mental health spectrum, from troubled youth and the criminally insane to the elderly with dementia. The sprawling complex, opened in August 1950, spread out across 56 hectares of land consisting of ten two-level villas, each with eleven… Continue reading Lake Alice Hospital – Manawatu

Haunted Auckland’s Napier Roadtrip & Prison Ghost hunt

The team roadtripped its way back down to the beautiful Hawkes Bay region once again to spend the night at the mighty Napier Prison. We were running a public ghost hunt event that night and when everyone had gone home, we spent the next few hours in investigation mode. It was a long day / night,… Continue reading Haunted Auckland’s Napier Roadtrip & Prison Ghost hunt

Old Napier Hospital – Napier

During the Xmas holidays, Sam from Haunted Auckland took his family for a few days’ stay down in Napier, situated in the beautiful Hawkes Bay region. While he was there he took the chance to visit and photograph the abandoned Old Napier Hospital, which is currently in the process of demolition. Whilst not necessarily haunted, we still… Continue reading Old Napier Hospital – Napier

Kimberley Centre – Levin, Horowhenua

Kimberley was once the largest hospital for the intellectually handicapped, in the Southern Hemisphere before it closed in 2006, and is now owned by Horowhenua developer Wayne Bishop, who plans to turn it into a sprawling 500-home estate. What was once a thriving community for the intellectually disabled, the Kimberley Centre is now an empty shell tarnished… Continue reading Kimberley Centre – Levin, Horowhenua

Are You Serious?

Now that’s a question I get quite a bit. Thrown from a distance, and usually from the safety and anonymity of the computer screen. Well, yes actually, we are quite serious. Because ghosts have very little definitive evidence for their actual existence, it might be easy for some to just blindly accept what science tells… Continue reading Are You Serious?