Audio Archive: Johnathan Lockley session – New Lynn

In October 2012, the Haunted Auckland team embarked on a second investigation at a private residence in New Lynn, Auckland. The residents of the property allowed us a full overnight investigation after we noticed a strange feeling of presence in a bedroom used by Michael, the head of the household.

The team decided to hold an EVP session to try to communicate with whatever might have been in the house. The session lasted for an hour, from 4.43am to 5.42am. We decided to hold the communication session in Michael’s room. The girls lay on the bed whilst Mark monitored the room with the parabolic audio dish. The room was also documented with one I.R camera recording directly to the DV-R and 2 x Audio recorders. We proceeded to ask the usual EVP intro questions.

We started to get solid single taps (knocking) immediately after each question. When a tap followed in response to a question we would confirm it, and then double confirm again, just to be sure. The replies were constant, direct and seemingly intelligent and confirmable every time without fail.

The selection of EVPs below is just a small handful of some of the possible interaction we experienced during this session. The responses get a little more detailed and accurate, while the knocks become more distinct and louder, the further on it goes.


The Nature and Existence of Ghosts

“What are ghosts?” – This is a question which is often pondered by paranormal investigators. A recent Reddit post started me thinking on my theories on the nature and existence of ghosts and I decided I would take the opportunity to expand on my thoughts here.

The Man With No Eyes

A True New Zealand Ghost Story by Erica – Together with my partner and son the 3 of us moved to an old villa in Devonport about 12 years ago…

Ghost Cam: Craig Y Nos Castle, Wales UK

Craig Y Nos Castle
Craig Y Nos Castle

Craig Y Nos Castle was built in 1843 by a Captain Rice Powell. Over the years it has functioned as a home and hospital for wounded soldiers. Various apparitions have been reported in the castle’s halls and stairwells. The Paranormal World operates a set of 26 live ghost cams in the castle, showing various views of the haunted locations.

Ghost Cam: Gettysburg Battlefield

Gettysburg Battlefield Ghost Cam
Gettysburg Battlefield Ghost Cam

Gettysburg Pennsylvania was the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War and also one of the most haunted locations in the United States. The Gettysburg BattleCam broadcasts live images every 5 minutes from Seminary Ridge overlooking McPherson’s woods where the first days battle began.